NOT YOUR DADDY, SIS – Kurt Prynne Presents

At Kurt, we know even Daddies want a Daddy sometimes, but we don’t have a shirt for that. In the meantime, at least you can shut down an uncomfortable conversation by wearing your Uncomfortable Truth.

The face of the new uncomfortable truth is Jay who decided to share his daddy/not daddy story with us.

“I love myself. I love to perform. I love to tell stories. As I’ve aged, my stories have become richer and I love myself a little better every year. So I’ve naturally embraced becoming a Daddy.But it’s complicated—

I’m a daddy with a story to tell. I’m a hard-working farmer and rancher daddy, a cowboy at heart who enjoys the spotlight. I’m a fancy Daddy. I’m my own creation of boots, Stetsons, jewellery, and fashion.

Men who assume a single Daddy archetype often pop my erotic balloon with their demanding approach, “Fuck me, Daddy!” Dance monkey, dance! It’s a huge turnoff for me. It’s a shortcut. It loses the connection and trust that many fetishes and kinks rely upon to be safe, thrilling, and healing. It creates in me pressure to perform and ironically drives me to avoid the spotlight. Leading with a command is not the best way to get to know me. Get to know what kind of daddy I am first.

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Daddies are multitudes— daddies we choose, daddies we’re born from, daddies we encounter in the wild, dom daddies, sub-daddies, mean daddies, daddies in training. On the surface, I’m a dad who’s demanding disciplinarian, bossy, tough as nails, and likes a little fight. But scratch that surfaces just a bit, and you’ll find my true kink. I’m a nurturing dad who feels the sexiest when I can make your fantasies come alive while also pushing your boundaries. I aim to make your own fantasy new, unique, and surprising for you. It’s deeply moving for me to experience pride for a boy, “Look what he can do! Look what he can endure! Look at my boy!”

If you can’t take a moment to get to know me and understand that, for me, the daddy/boy fetish experience is most erotic when I’m as proud to call you my boy as you are to call me your dad. If you can’t do that, “I’m not your Daddy, Sis.”

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