Watch Trailer for “The Tutor” Starring Noah Schnapp

Garrett Hedlund is a private tutor who finds himself being stalked by his newest student in the new, upcoming suspense thriller, for which an official trailer has been released.

“The Tutor” features “Stranger Things” actor Noah Schnapp as Jackson, the teenage son of a New York billionaire. Because he needs help in his studies, Jackson is provided with his own private tutor who is named Ethan, played here by Hedlund. While displaying a certain “strange vibe,” Jackson appears to have become increasingly obsessed with his tutor’s personal life. At least, from the looks of things in the trailer.

“What about the baby… was it planned?” Schnapp’s Jackson asks a deeply personal question to Hedlund’s Ethan, his tutor. He replies, “How do you know about the baby?”

Ethan is now becoming aware that his new teen student knows way too much about his personal life. Ethan shares those concerns with his recently pregnant wife (played by Victoria Justice).

“He’s obsessed with me in a total stalker sort of way.” Ethan quickly discovers the lengths to which Jackson is willing to go to get what he wants.

Directed by Jordan Ross (Thumper), “The Tutor” is hitting select theaters and VOD on March 24th.

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