Singer Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Drops Thirst Trap and We’re Drinking

Singer Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon shared this selfie on Instagram today and our jaw hit the floor. We knew about his amazing voice but had no idea all of this was going on 🔥 Thanks for sharing Jeremiah. The thirst is real.

Jeremiah’s entry into the music world had always happened in unexpected and surprising ways, perhaps most surprisingly in 2019, when Harmon garnered national attention as he appeared on American Idol’s 17th season. His intense vulnerability captured the hearts of millions of viewers as he shared his story of coming out in a conservative Christian environment.

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This genre-bending songwriter, whose homespun style is reminiscent of great artists like Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, and Jeff Buckley, had never really sought out the spotlight. Instead, it would seem as though he’d been running from it, living in almost total obscurity, working odd-end jobs like fishing in Alaska, farming, and even working as a janitor at his father’s Baptist church.


His search for love and belonging would become his defining theme, most notably expressed in the heart-wrenching lyrics of his original song “Almost Heaven”: “but when we reach forever, will there be a place where you and I may find Home in heaven?” Harmon also caught the attention of some big names like Elton John, who called him after his cover of John’s “We All Fall in Love Sometimes” and tweeted that the performance “took his breath away.” He also performed with Broadway favorite Cynthia Erivo and pop star Katy Perry.

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