MUSIC | UK Rockers Motor Show Share ‘Fresh And Clean’ Debut

This is my first time hearing The Motor Show and I’m an instant super fan.

KB reports – “Though you may be inclined to think that they’re an American outfit upon first impressions, Motor Show is in fact from the UK, and it was formed by ex-members of Nervous, the precursor band to Black Country New Road, and they’re also working with producer Tony Burrata (Edie Bens, Sports Team, Dolores Forever, Gretel Hänlyn,  Endless Digital Birthdays, Ugly and Low Lying Sun). They’ve been playing across multiple venues on the East Anglia scene, selling shows out and packing venues to the brim while supporting bands like Ditz and English Teacher.”


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Director: Beau Vine DP: Phil List Edit: Sam Buffery Title graphic by Daisy Alleno-Powell


“Their newest song is called “Fresh and Clean” a song with the eerie vibe of The Gun Club’s “Miami”, only a bit more influenced by the UK’s punk irreverence and dynamism rather than the twangy psycho-billy sundown lyricism of their Californian forebears. They describe it as “Music to crash your car to”. ”


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