German Synth Icons Beborn Beton Share “Dancer in the Dark” Official Music Video

Official music video ‘Dancer In The Dark’ performed by ‘Beborn Beton‘ taken from the album ‘Darkness Falls Again’.

“Darkness Falls Again” among the 25 most anticipated synthpop releases of 2023 according to Synthpop Fanatic.


German Synth icons Beborn Beton were founded 1989 by Stefan Tillmann, Michael Wagner and Stefan Netschio. Their first tape, “Pyre”, caught the attention of Carlos Perón (founding member of Avantgarde pioneers Yello). Their debut album “Tybalt” released in 1993, their sophomore “Concrete Ground” in 1995. The third album “Nightfall” (1996) introduced a softer sound, that was refined on their subsequent album “Truth” in 1997. Both albums were produced by José Alvarez (Wolfsheim, De/Vision). The single “Another World” became the band’s biggest hit in the US and is still played today. Beborn Beton developed their signature sound on their 1999 album “Fake”. Shows in the US and Europe followed. 2000 saw the release of “Rückkehr zum Eisplaneten*, a collection of high-profile remixes of their German songs remixed by renowned bands such as Camouflage, Covenant, Apoptygma Berzerk, haujobb. Promoting their 2002 US-exclusive 2CD compilation “Tales From Another World” the band toured the States opening for Norwegian friends Apoptygma Berzerk. The years after, the band took on remix jobs and played shows all over Europe, building a loyal fanbase and earning the respect of fellow musicians world-wide. Finally, in 2015 Beborn Beton returned to the limelight with their most successful album to date: “A Worthy Compensation”, produced by Olaf Wollschläger (mesh, In Strict Confidence) including the singles “Daisy Cutter”, “Last Day On Earth”, “She Cried” and fan-favourite “24/7 Mystery”.

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