Skateboarders Connect Over Search for Secret Sanctuary in South West England

Director Seb Tabe follows connections forged among skaters in the search for an imagined sanctuary

Scattered with monolithic sites and folkloric significance, the weird wilds of England’s South West are heavy with pagan mysticism, influencing its position as a place of modern-day pilgrimage. A stronghold for countercultural thought, emerging from its ancient woodlands and rolling moors comes a predilection for alternative belief systems, centering a reverence for the natural landscape, and the magick born from it – and, with this, an opportunity for physical and spiritual distance from the pressures that accompany urban life. Read more at

“Coming from a skating background, my goal was to offer a raw and intimate insight into the lives of skateboarders, leading to beautiful and authentic moments being captured within the group. One of the most important elements was to offer a feeling of safety and comfort whilst shooting, creating a strong sense of realism within the film.”

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