Hot Chip Share “Broken” Music Video

Hot Chip shares music video for “Broken” from the album ‘Freakout/Release’ out now on Domino.

The “Broken” video is part faux documentary, about the development of AI software that can direct a video, but done in a very early-’80s kind of way with a boy band of dancing robots. “I’m intrigued by A.I. machines doing artwork,” says Maxim Kelly. “In the future, robots and computers might make music videos too, this is what I imagine the first will look like. I referenced the boyband videos I grew up watching on MTV, overly sentimental with emotional and gut-wrenching performances. In this video, soulless androids run through all the motions and cliches of these videos with deadpan robotic precision. It’s a pop video with all the entertaining and watchable bits taken out. –

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