Why Australians Are Getting Naked at Bondi Beach this Weekend.

by Chloe Whelan for The Australian 

The globally-renowned artist is calling on you – and Chris Hemsworth – to strip down for cancer awareness.

Australians can (legally) get naked on Australia’s most famous beach for the first time in history, as a prominent artist makes a public call-out for Chris Hemsworth to strip down for cancer awareness.

Section 663 of the Nude Bathing Act – yes, that’s a real thing – will be suspended ever so briefly on Bondi this Saturday as contemporary artist Spencer Tunick, known for his dazzling snaps of nudist crowds, invites Australians to get their jocks off for Skin Check Champions.


In a particularly ambitious move, Tunick extended his call-out to the Thor star, who recently announced he’s taking a break from acting after a health scare, saying celebrity status would boost the impact of the event.

People posing nude on a beach on Haslewood Island, part of the Whitsunday Islands, 1096km north of Brisbane, for US art photographer Spencer Tunick.

“Chris is very comfortable getting his gear off fort art,” Tunick said. “Anyone who has seen the latest Thor trailer will know that.”

“We wish him all the best,” Tunick said of Hemsworth’s latest news.

Hemsworth will, hopefully, get naked alongside Australian charity veteran and Skin Check Champions founder Scott Maggs.

Maggs, who last year shaved off his 11-year-old beard after raising $1 million for skin cancer, told The Oz the nude installation was just the latest iteration in his charity goals.

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