N S F W | “No Me Olvidéis (Forget Me Not)” by Noel Alejandro

A revelational sexual encounter with a young artist sets protagonist Leo off on a spiral of questioning his relationship with boyfriend Raul, ultimately breaking things off. While a desperate Raul tries to talk his ex into returning over the phone, Leo’s gaze keeps darting to the center of the room he has found himself in. There, a coffin rests with its door open. In the pursuit of a fulfilling life, what are we willing to sacrifice?

Forget Me Not, the latest short film by independent adult-film director Noel Alejandro, which explores a break up from the point of view of the person who decides to end a stable relationship to pursue their own path in life.

Filmed in Barcelona. Edited in Berlin.

FORGET ME NOT 23 min, 2022, ES. Directed by Noel Alejandro @noelalejandrox /noelalejandrofilms.com  Starring Javier des Leon & Abel Sanztin

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