N S F W | “Erotic Audiovisual Poem with Many Fluids by Antonio Da Silva | “WATER MIRROR”

We’ve been such a huge fan of work from Antonio Da Silva for years and he always seems to outdo himself. His new film titled, “WATER MIRROR”, is no exception.

This is not a porn film. This is not LA.

In this film the protagonist (Rowland) emerges from the sea almost as primal man. He is Ecosexual, he is followed by a mirror that reflects sun the light on him, he transforms himself into a clay living sculpture, he becomes a 70’s movie character and at the end he returns to the sea. It presents the male body as erotic object and as thinking, feeling subject.

This is a poetic film about water.

Water is represented as a cleansing element; as a substance that restores man to his original form. Water as a nurturing element; as a substance that can hold the entirety of a man’s weight. Water as a liberating element; as an uncontrollable substance that frees man’s creativity and instinct.


In this film water is an element that is distinct from man: feminine, fluid, translucent. The hardness of a man’s cock, the strength of a man’s body, the power of a man’s ejaculation are made even more masculine in the presence of water.

Starring Roland who has dazzled many of you in previous films like SOLOS and SPUNK and my personal favorite ECOSEXUAL.


A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Rowland (Follow Rowland on Instagram)
Guest appearance: 
Joc Daddy and Quinn
Camera and Editing:
 Antonio Da Silva
Music: Marçal dos Campos
Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva and Rui Miguel
Sound effects: Rui Miguel
Light assistant: Michal Dobrucki
Thanks to: Lua Nua and Terrakota
Year: 2022
Length: 11:50

The film will have the world premier at CAMINHOS DO CINEMA PORTUGUES FESTIVAL 2022


Below is a handful of teaser still images from the video. It oughta get you excited enough to support film maker for this gift and PURCHASE “WATER MIRRORS”.










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