Best Back Exercises for Men Over 50 | Strengthen Your Back in 10 Minutes | Beginner Friendly

We want to really start talking about men in their 50s and above. Yes they do exist. We want to engage, learn, and include them in our conversations of health, sexual health, mental health and beyond. Health both physically and mentally.

Yes this dude is hot. On Youtube he goes by Man Flow Yoga. Let’s acknowledge that and move on to what he is teaching.

Looking for a workout that’s easier for a guy new to yoga in their 50s? Give this one a shot! Get rid of back pain at the source and start feeling better today. This routine is a quick one to help with relieving back pain and starting your day feeling great – in just 10 minutes.  Other Videos Mentioned: Yoga to Boost Testosterone for Guys 50+ CLICK HERE

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