Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gordon Ryan Defends Jason Momoa from his Conservative Fans

Jason Momoa is showing fans his toned behind again! On Nov. 17, the 43-year-old action star shared more photos and videos of him wearing his malo while he was showing martial artists Gordon King Ryan around Hawaii. During the visit, the “Aquaman” star even convinced Gordon to wear the traditional cloth and get a matching tattoo with him!

Gordon Ryan has a deeply conservative fan base that attacked Jason Momoa

Marca reports To those who don’t know, Jason Momoa and Gordon Ryan have opposed political views as the former is a liberal and the latter a conservative. Ryan is often suspended from social media over his controversial views on many topics. After posting his video with Jason, many of his fans attacked Jason Momoa’s leftist and liberal political views. Ryan quickly made a post responding to all these people and urging for more unity.

Gordon revealed that despite having opposing views and not agreeing on many things, they were still able to spend a great time in Hawaii. Setting a great example to a deeply divided country when it comes to politics. Jason also made Ryan promise he would never engage with online trolls, something he does automatically as one of the world’s biggest celebrities.

First of all, Ryan praised Momoa’s hospitality and friendship by writing this: “We made a new friend. Jason Momoa is seemingly one of the nicest and most down to earth people I’ve ever met. What I learned from him and being around him in just 2 short days is priceless. We hung out, I watched him work, which was fascinating, we drank, we grappled, we had many deep conversations, and we had a lot of fun. He is authentic, he cares for and takes care of his friends and family, he fights for what he believes in, and he works very hard. He is someone I am glad to call a friend.” Read more here


Oh and my two cents, fuck off conservative. You’re boring hypocrites. What a boner kill.

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