She’s Masc, I’m Fem – That Doesn’t Make Us ‘Gay’ | Video

trulyJAMES, 22, and Maren, 20, are in a romantic relationship, however, the couple face harsh criticism online for not ‘fitting into societal gender norms’. James is a feminine man who used to identify as gay, whilst Maren is a bi-sexual masculine woman. “People perceive us as ‘weird’ as a couple because we don’t follow the status quo”, James explained. “We get a lot of comments about our relationship.” In this episode of Love Don’t Judge they delve into their social media comments, reading some of the rudest trolling they receive. One commenter remarked, ‘I’m not sure if there is any prescribed medication for their delusion.’ “Are you serious?” Maren responded, shocked by their cruel jibe. Clapping back that “you need medicine prescribed for your rudeness!” Another wrote, ‘he’s attracted to her because she’s masculine.’ “That’s the point!” Maren retorted. “It’s quite literally the basis of our relationship,” James agreed.


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