Getting Stepped on for a Living | Side Hustles #kink

During the weekdays, Georgio T. works as a massage therapist in Fairfield, CT. He owns a home, has friends, and enjoys a fairly simple life. But on Friday and Saturday nights, Georgio drives into NYC where he wraps himself in a carpet and allows people to step on him at various paid gigs and kink parties.

What started as a kink (he realized he liked the feeling of weight on top of him as a child when his cats would walk on top of him), has turned into a full-blown, secondary source of income. Now, he’s committed to providing an unmatched, optimal experience for participants to ensure that he “gets rehired for more gigs”.

NYC gigs range from birthday parties, S&M parties, costume parties, Burning Man parties, etc. Georgio has even thrown his own and plans on organizing a series of events at the Rockaways + Fort Tilden this summer (donations encouraged but not mandatory).


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