I’m a Dwarf Gay Escort in Hollywood | The Life of An Escort

We’ve been a fan of Joel Someones content for some time. So we’ve been in the loop on his new-ish boyfriend that goes by KingDwarf. I just stumbled across this video interview with Joel and his bf with Youtube Matt Cullen. Take a peek below. 

KingDwarf is an OnlyFans creator and an escort living in Los Angeles, California. He invited me over to his place to get an inside look at his life.

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Matt Cullen Thank you for watching ‘Our Queer Life’ – my series that shines a light on the stories of people in our queer community that have walked a different walk of life than most of us. I have had the most amazing time meeting all of the different queer people on the show and I truly feel so lucky to have them in my life now. 📢

BE ON THE SHOW: If you are a queer person that has an interesting story/life event that you want to share, reach out to me! Email matthewlcullen@gmail.com

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