Leslie Jordan, Comic Actor and Instagram Star, Dies at 67

And little of us all die with him.

R.I.P. Legend. I had the privilege of interviewing Leslie Jordan in 2014 and every time I’d run into him in LA after that he’d remembered me and say “Would you just shut up! I just want to look at you !” and we’d sit in silence until we both burst out into laughter. 67 years old and gone way to soon! The most hilarious, genuine, and unapologetic person you’d ever meet. There will never be another Leslie Jordan
I was with him once at the West Hollywood Starbucks and all of the sudden he says “Watch this!” and pretended dropping things over and over so he could watch all the “boys” bend over 😂🤣


TMZ reports


Leslie was famous for his work on popular TV shows like “Will & Grace,” “Hearts Afire,” “The Cool Kids,” “Call Me Kat” and “American Horror Story.”


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