Blow Your Mind with these Granddads Turned Rappers

In love with these senior buggers turned rap heros. We recently introduced them to you in the viral hit by The Northern Boys – “Party Time”. As it turns out there’s a whole group of these buggers making hits. Still trying to get to the bottom of who they are. But for now I can say that they’re ‘dope’!

Until a few years ago, Peter Bowditch, 70, a retired Royal Mail employee, didn’t know what UK grime or drill music was.

When his granddaughter would tune his car radio into stations rap and grime broadcasts, Pete would turn it off.

“She was messing with my car radio stations and I thought ‘what the hell is going on here?’ and I changed them back,” he recalls.

But over time, Pete stopped reaching for the dial and began to enjoy what he was hearing.

“Then I thought, ‘This ain’t too bad’,” he says.

Pete decided to ask his friend, Basil Bellgrave, now 73, if he’d ever considered rapping.

“I thought we’d have a bit of a go,” Bas says.

Even so, very few would have predicted that the two grandfathers would end up becoming major players in UK drill. Read more at

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