Modus Vivendi Launches Tiger & “Lucha Libre” Campaign from FW 22-23 Collection

MODUS VIVENDI launches Tiger Line & “Lucha Libre” Campaign from FW 22-23 Collection inspired by Lucha Libre.

Discover your wildest instincts.

MODUS VIVENDI presents Tiger Line and “Lucha Libre” Campaign from Fall – Winter 2022 Collection. Is there a better way to introduce you Tiger Line? Absolutely not! Lucha Libre is the epitome of expressing your wildest instincts and make your true self come into the surface. “Lucha Libre” aesthetics is the perfect match with the trending animal prints!

Tiger Line has arrived and uniquely designed for all stylish fashionistas. Either you are obsessed with animal prints or not, the season major trend is undoubtedly, tiger prints. Typical designs with some modern brush strokes, are being presented in their most minimal version. Tiger line is serving a mixture of fashion and luxury style, impossible to resist. Get your animal piece and have your craziest outfit on lock.

Are you in love with animal prints? Tiger prints at their best, serving this year’s huge trend, ready to build the craziest outfits ever. Prints impossible to resist and a total MUST-HAVE this winter! Bold and lavish designs, made of smooth elasticated viscose fabric with our signature MODUS VIVENDI jacquard waistband are ready to be discovered. Tiger Line is here to make your wildest instincts happen. Don’t miss them!

This Line comprises of classic briefs, jockstraps, low cut briefs, tanga briefs, bottomless, boxers, shorts, shirts, tanktops, onesies & robes. MODUS VIVENDI Tiger Line & the “Lucha Libre” Campaign is online and you can check it out here. All designs are available from €26.20 and you can discover them here.

Photographer: Gastohn Barrios @gastohn.barrios / Videographer: Gastohn Barrios @gastohn.barrios / Models: Job Garcia Carbajal @job_garcia & Leopoldo Dubuc @leodubuc14 / Campaign: Lucha Libre Campaign / Line: Tiger Line  / Location: Mexico City, Mexico


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