“Mama’s Boy” | Dustin Lance Black Doc Explores his Childhood, Gay Identity, & Relationship with Mother

HBO original documentary MAMA’S BOY centers around the upbringing of the Academy Award®-winning screenwriter of MILK, Dustin Lance Black. Traveling back to the places where he grew up, Black explores his childhood roots, gay identity, and close relationship with his mother, who overcame childhood polio, abusive marriages, and Mormon dogma while becoming Black’s emotional rock and, ultimately, the inspiration for his activism.

With a wealth of personal photographs and candid memories from Black’s family, colleagues, and friends, MAMA’S BOY embraces the personal to tell a universally hopeful tale of resilience and reconciliation through the power of love and shared stories.



Mama’s Boy is an HBO Original documentary that centers around the upbringing of Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and how his close relationship with his mother led to and inspired his activism. Coming to HBO Max October 18.

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