Brian Eno Shares Video for New track “We Let It In”

(Image credit: Cecily Eno)

Exactly what are we letting in Mr Eno?!

Brian Eno will release his 22nd album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE in October

LOUDER – “We Let It In is the second rack released from Eno’s upcoming album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE, which will be released through UMC on October 14. The new track and video is very much a family affair, featuring Eno’s daughter Darla on backing vocals while his granddaughter Anya provided the handwriting in the video, cerated by London-based, multi-disciplinary artist, Orfeo Tagiuri and Eno himself….”

“I like creating worlds, that’s what I do as an artist, creating sonic worlds. Now after quite a long absence of humans in those worlds I have tried putting one in and seeing how they feel in the world I’ve made.”


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