‘Survivor’ Michael Yerger Shocks New Yorkers Shooting Promo for 2(X)IST

Hollywood Pipeline reports – Michael Yerger shocks New Yorkers by promoting 2(X)IST in his underwear after becoming the face of the brand. The Survivor contestant walked around the Big Apple wearing nothing but his ‘ELECTRIC’ tighty-whities as he hung posters in a video shot by the luxury brand.

The Tennesse native left onlookers in awe as he showcased his chiseled abs wearing 2(X)IST innovative underwear prompting onlookers to take their phones out and take a snap. He was a contestant in ‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ but was voted off before he could get a chance to win the million-dollar prize.

However, it seems he’s moved on to bigger and better things becoming a coveted model for major brands like Dior, DSQUARED2, and now the spokesmodel for 2(X)IST.


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