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Harm reduction for crystal meth? Im going to be needing a lot of convincing. Let’s listen to what VICE  has reported.

Crystal meth has never been a European problem. For years, reports of the drug ravaging communities and fueling week-long binges almost exclusively came from North America and South-East Asia. But there are increasing signs that meth is becoming much more popular in cities from Barcelona to Berlin.

Organized crime groups are now mass producing the drug in Europe, and it’s stronger and more available on the continent than ever before. From 2010 to 2020, the amount of methamphetamine seized in the EU increased by 477 per cent.

In this episode, we go to Germany, to see how crystal meth manufactured in Dutch super labs is taking the country by storm, finding users in sex workers, techno and hardtek party kids, and people who were looking for something to do during the coronavirus lockdown, and ended up finding meth.


High Society The War on Drugs has been won by drugs. They’re everywhere. Many of them are new, and they’re all more potent. Society is altering chemicals, and chemicals are altering society back, creating new drug scenes – some funny, some bizarre, some terrifying. Drugs on TV usually means criminals getting busted or addicts in recovery. But this series is about the cultures and people that have grown around the substances. High Society will show you how drugs are shaping our world.

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