Blade + Blue New Underwear Shoot Too Sexy for Facebook!

Blade + Blue introduced their new Active Mesh Underwear just in time for Summer 2022. Owner Peter Papas said, “Active Mesh Briefs, Just what I needed, a new obsession. But I can’t help it, I love how these look and feel. And I better love them… it only took me 2 years to bring it to life!”

The micro-perforation provides ventilation that you can’t remember how you lived without. Subtly opening up the fabric reduces its opacity. This allows you to reveal a little more without actually having to reveal a little more.

THE “HUG FACTOR”: The fabric’s poly/spandex blend has a soft, smooth, satin-like finish.
But just as important, is the fabric’s high “hug factor” – the combination of the light weight, the lycra & the satin finish means you will be hugged with a gentle yet firm grip.

MADE IN USA: The active mesh styles were designed, cut & sewn in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Model: Kyle. Find him on Instagram 
Photographer: Joe Mazza. Follow on Instagram 
Location: Palm Springs, CA
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